Monday, 30 November 2015

Update... Goodbye Kindergarten

It's the 1st of December... Happy summer!

So yesterday we found out what grades we're on next year.

Sadly, no more Kindergarten for me :(

Next year I will be teaching a Years 1/2 composite class. It was a bit of a surprise, definitely not expected (I was gearing up for another year in kindy), but I'm looking forward to the challenge. I think it will work well with my implementation of Daily 5 as the students placed in a composite class are typically independent workers and generally above average in terms of academic achievement.

You may have noticed my blog name has changed. Can't be Curls in Kindy anymore! So I am now Curls in the Classroom. That'll teach me not to be so organised and plan ahead for the following year.

And it looks like I'll be changing rooms next year, so you can ignore all the whingeing about my classroom from the previous post.

Christmas is currently going up in my room, come back soon to check out all our wonderful Chrissy creations!


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